Random Shit

Because why the hell not?

It's fun to know random shit once in a while!

Did you know I collect narwhals? No, not REAL ones, but cute stuffed ones and pictures of them and pretty much anything narwhals on it! 

They're fascinating creatures and I hope one day I can see one for REAL! :) 


Did you know: 

The narwhal tusk—most commonly found on males—is actually an enlarged tooth with sensory capability and up to 10 million nerve endings inside. Some narwhals have up to two tusks, while others have none. The spiraled tusk juts from the head and can grow as long at 10 feet.

That's quite a dentist appointment! :)

Ohio is the only US state that doesn't share a letter with the word mackerel.


The Care Bears' ultimate weapon is the "Care Bear Stare" (a.k.a. "Belly Magic"), in which the collected Bears stand together and radiate light from their respective belly symbols. These combine to form a ray of love and good cheer which could bring care and joy into the target's heart.

This is impressive tummy magic too...

Hole Punched Inspiration!

All of the store scenes, in my romantic comedy, Hole Punched, were based on real events that happen in the office supply store where my husband works. Yes, even Chapter 6 "#Shitstorm"

which was written after my husband sent me a text of THIS picture....from work....

Sidenote: Ladies, seriously? How do you even DO that and still be able to wear pants to walk out of the store?! I mean, it totally LOOKS like someone tried to clean that up...and did a shitty job of it ;) hahaha

Talk about random shit!