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Unfair Game

Chicago Red Tails, #2

Sometimes life makes you play an unfair game.


As a pro hockey player, I’ve had desperate flirty women throw themselves at me, one after another for years. Today, it took only seconds for someone to walk into my home and have me completely forget about any other woman I’ve ever met.


A favor for an old teammate, I opened my penthouse to Charlee Mags, my new short-term roommate. When I said yes to this favor, I didn’t know how breathtakingly beautiful Charlee would be, or that I would come to enjoy hanging out with her, even crave being around her. It’s almost funny how much we have in common.


But Charlee has baggage.


I knew when she showed up at my door with a black eye, this could be a fragile situation, and I would do all I could to help her feel safe, but she doesn’t want to be the damsel in distress. Underneath her injury, she is an independent, strong-willed, funny woman who knows more about hockey than she originally lets on. And now I'm struggling to keep myself from falling for her.

Charlee Mags is the perfect woman for me.

One hundred percent my type.


I have no idea who hurt her or why, but when Charlee leans on me for support, one thing is certain.

I’ll be damned if anyone ever hurts her again.


*Author’s Note: This is a spicy adult romance novel and is not intended for children. Sensitive topics such as childhood cancer, infertility, and domestic abuse are discussed (but not seen) throughout this story.


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