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Good looks and wads of cash usually get me whatever I desire, unless I desire a box of my favorite cereal at the grocery store right before it closes. As if tonight’s loss wasn’t bad enough, I'm now watching said box of cereal, my literal good luck charm, disappear in some woman’s cart.

The brazen woman denies my cash offer along with my proposal for a more intimate payment. How much loss can a man take in one day?

At this point, who cares how rude I am to her? She’s public enemy number one and chances of seeing her again are slim to none. That is, until she appears at the arena the next morning as the newest marketing rep for the Chicago Red Tails hockey team.

Just my luck.

Carissa Smallson is feisty, outspoken, and boldly confident. She's also funny, down to earth, and…ugh, she’s insanely pretty. Everything about her is both unbelievably annoying and terrifyingly attractive.

As Captain of the team, I’m always laser focused on my job, but lately I can’t stop thinking about her. I lead my team to victory night after night. Hustle, hit, and never quit.

But if I’m not careful, she could knock me off my game.

Welcome to Bardstown, Kentucky

This steamy small town series features four breathtaking bonded brothers as they each find their soul mates in four beautiful, charismatic heroines while rediscovering themselves along the way. From the competitive clashing of Beckham and Hadley to Graham and Lacey's second chance at love, to Emmett and Emily's crossing the line from friends to lovers and Asher falling for Ivy, the Boss's daughter, this series will satisfy your hunger for swoon-worth, steamy, sentimental romance with a few good snickers and giggles thrown in for fun! For a bonus prologue to the Bardstown Series, grab SEVEN, a full length novel that also takes place in Bardstown, KY featuring the owner of Wood's Tavern, the best bar in town, Bryant "The Giant" Wood!

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Prologue to Bardstown Series
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Spin-off of
Bardstown Series

Standalone Rom Coms

The Camel Club Series

Rom Com Interconnected Series (Read in Any order)

Follow 3 best friends, who work together in Seattle's most popular Gaynecologist's office - yeah, you read that right - and their hilarious adventures to find true love! (And find out why they call themselves the "Camel Club")

Special Edition Covers

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The Schmidtload Series

Rom Com Series

This is the whole sh'bang! A hole punch of Schmidt right here in one place! Is it hysterical? Yes! Is it unbelievably cute? Of course! Is there a Schmidt Load of steam? Uh...duh! Are there parts that would make a middle school boy snicker? You betch'a!! So, what are you waiting for? Grab Hole Punch, a full-length rom com and its accompanying series of novellas for a complete and entertaining reading experience!

The Village Duet 

Standalone & free Novella

Free Novella!

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