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I know it can be very hard as a new author to come up with the budget needed to pay for custom book cover designs. All but my debut novel (2015) have covers that I designed myself. It's my hope to be able to offer you a quality premade product at an affordable price! 
I offer romance covers in many different subgenres from rom com to paranormal so please be sure to scroll through and look at all available designs! 

Each cover will only be sold ONCE so you can rest assured that once you purchase a cover, no other author will have your design.

Small changes can be made but any major image changes will start at an extra $25+ fee.
ebook cover only $80
ebook + paperback wrap $100
*Price includes font/title/background color change. Also includes PNG of title for Social Media Use

Want to be first in line to see NEW premade covers as they become available? Click the button to join me in my Facebook VIP Group!

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