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I Run on Smut, Humor
& Swear Words

Who said you can't have naughty fun while coloring?
We've all had those days where we just want to do something to calm us down or something that makes us laugh. So, sit down, shut up, and color already! With over 50 images of colorful "cliterature", you'll smirk, you'll laugh, and you'll shake your head over the ridiculous pages in this very adult coloring book. (seriously...hide this one under your mattress so your kids don't get it! Don't say I didn't warn you!)


The phrases/quotes/words you'll color in this book all have a part in the steamy romance books I write and on the back of each page is an excerpt from the book that graphic is designed for! If you're not a romance reader, that's totally ok! You can color the sh!t out of it anyway! Because coloring is fun and it's not just for kids!


♥ 51 Full page graphics for coloring (Hekkin yes!)
♥ 51 pages of vulgarity (NSFW...unless you work with a bunch of naughty adults, then you're fine.)
♥ 51 Book excerpts (You know, in case you're curious...)
♥ Single Sided graphics (Go ahead and use those markers!)
♥ For all coloring enthusiasts! (Who cares if you suck at coloring?! Not me!)


GIVE IT A GO! YOU DO YOU and be proud of it!


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