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The Camel Club, #3

Dear Dr. McKay,


You don’t know me at all, but I’m the love of your life.


My name is Kim Dailey and as of about five minutes ago, you and I are in a very serious committed, relationship.Hot and heavy of course because well, let’s face it, I hear you have a twelve pack under those scrubs and I’m basically a doppleganger for the star of Scandal. (I’m sure you’ve seen it. If not, the internet is your friend.)


Anyway, here’s the real story.


I’m celebrating my birthday in Pete’s Bar tonight. Lo and behold, Tammy, AKA old high school mean girl, walks up to me to say hello and tries to one-up me. She even made fun of my Happy Planner stickers!
Anyway, I may have told her that I was seriously dating the most up and coming, and attractive pediatric oncologist this side of the Rocky Mountains (that's you by the way) and that we are shopping for the perfect ring.


That seemed to shut her up.

So yeah. That happened.
She deserved it, I swear.

If you’re a decent man, and I hear you are, maybe you’ll just let that little white lie slide if she brings it up during the Seattle CARES Charity Event. Oh, and if you need an out for bringing a date, I told her I might not be able to make her event. That’s a lie too of course. I’m more than available if you need a date, but I’ll hold to that little fib just for you if you need me to. You’re welcome.

The new love of your life that you have yet to actually meet and fall in love with,

Kimberly Dailey.

ps. Please don't sue me. I can't afford the legal fees.


Smooched is a fake relationship stand alone rom com that can also be read in conjunction with SMOOCH (Arys's story) and SMOOCHES (Hannah's story). This book should only be read by those 18+ years old.


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