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I'm Fine

The Village Duet, #1

When I moved across the country a few years ago, I had three goals.


One – Keep my brothers alive.
Two- Find a way to help troubled kids.
Three– Do not get involved with anyone.


In a city like L.A. there are people everywhere. Women are a dime a dozen and the last thing I need is to fall for some hot little body and then be responsible for her safety in a town filled with sex, drugs, alcohol, and crazy whack jobs.


So, when that hot little body walks into my gym in her pretty yellow dress, I don’t want to want her.
I don’t want to need her.


But I do.
Goals be damned.

*Author's Note: This Story is NOT a romantic comedy.
It is a darker contemporary romance intended for readers 18+ and containes scenes and topics that may be triggering for some including dubious consent, domestic abuse, and child endangerment.


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