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I was the first one on the team to get married.

I was the first one of us to have a kid.

I was also the first one of us whose marriage went up in flames, making me the team's first single dad.

Yeah, not one of my better saves...

Enemies to Lovers

Carissa Smallson is feisty, outspoken, and boldly confident. She's also funny, down to earth, and…ugh, she’s insanely pretty. Everything about her is both unbelievably annoying and terrifyingly attractive.

Roommates to Lovers

As a pro hockey player, I’ve had desperate flirty women throw themselves at me, one after another for years. Today, it took only seconds for someone to walk into my home and have me completely forget about any other woman I’ve ever met.

Surprise Pregnancy

I knocked up my sister’s co-worker.
And I didn’t even know her name.
I know. This sounds really bad, but listen, I can explain.

Teammate's Sister

I'm falling for my best friend's sister and at some point, I'm going to need the whole world to know it.

Fake Relationship

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re minding your own business after the game, buying drinks at the bar for your teammates when you overhear a woman talking on the phone. You don’t know her, but she’s telling her mother she’s in a serious relationship with you. You decide to play along and ask her when you get to meet the parents...

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