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No One Needs to Know

Bardstown, KY, #6

They say what happens in Vegas stays in vegas...
But when it happens in New Orleans, all bets are off.

From the Bardstown Series Book, I Like Me Better, comes the spin-off tale of Hadley Fox's best friend and Beckham Fox's Business partner, Whitney and Elias.


Do I have a story for you!

So, I’m at my business partner’s birthday party, right?
Everything's great.
Beautiful day, good food, cold beer.
At some point during the evening, I find a piece of paper on the floor and pick it up to throw it away but notice it’s an ultrasound picture. So, of course, I go to congratulate my partner and his wife on their pregnancy which somehow causes a pandemonium between the couple and their guests.
Lo and behold, they’re not pregnant.
The baby isn’t theirs…it’s mine.


Sounds fun right?


Lemme tell you from experience...though I’ve done nothing but think about the amazing one-night-stand I had two months ago, knocking up the best gal pal of my partner’s wife, 11/10 would not recommend.



Author's note:
No One Needs to Know is a spin-off romcom of the Bardstown Series (Specifically from I Like Me Better but characters from all the Bardstown books will make appearances) and will be the bridge to a NEW sports romance series coming soon!


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