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Take You Home

Bardstown, KY, #4

I have a crush on my boss's daughter and I can't make it stop!

I’ve been crushing on a girl for months.


After my dad passed away, I needed a change and out of the family bakery, so my brother helped me get a job where she works. Now that I’m working with her, and getting to know her, I want to ask her out.


But she’s currently seeing someone else.


Someone who doesn’t deserve her.
Someone I know she doesn’t love.


I’m not the kind of guy who would try to break up a relationship, but I am absolutely the type to show a girl what she’s missing, you know, in case her relationship status changes.


This would be a lot easier though if she wasn’t the boss’s daughter.

This book is a full-length interconnected standalone! The books in the Bardstown series can be read in any order as each one features a different brother in the Fox family. These books are adult in nature and should only be read by those 18+ years old.


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